“Considered one of the founding mothers of female African drumming in the United States." Linda Thomas Jones has  carved a space for herself in the male-dominated professional djembe drumming world. Her story is truly inspirational, for she faced and triumphed over the obstacles created by her teachers and peers who told her women could not play drums. Jones established herself as a conga and djembe percussionist for African dance classes and performances.


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In 1980, Linda created The Imani African-American Dance Company in Cleveland, which taught African, modem, improvisational, and children's creative dance classes in the local community. As a Community Arts Educator she is skilled in designing and producing community performances using African culture as an educational tool. She has now accumulated over 35 years of teaching experience in public, private and institutional settings. This experience has been planted across the country in states including New York, Chicago, Florida and Ohio where the growth has blossomed. Internationally she has planted other possibilities for growth in places such as Costa Rica., Republic of Benin and Ghana




As an accomplished musician she has dedicated her talents to help children and adults go beyond their perceived limitations. Her kind and nurturing disposition combined with her strength and enthusiasm creates an atmosphere conducive for her students to reach their full creative potential. She believes an effective teacher must provide and maintain a positive and supportive learning environment. This type of atmosphere facilitates both group and individual student growth. As a teacher and artist her aim is to create a supportive yet dynamic environment that addresses the learning styles of all students and encourages them to participate. She is committed to helping students explore their artistic abilities as well as providing them with the necessary tools to assist them in becoming better human beings.


Mama Fasi as she is affectionally called by her students is

Blessed with natural unique talents and abilities Linda made a conscious decision to use her various talents not just to make a profit but for the betterment of her family and the community.  Her weapon of choice “the drum” has enabled her to connect with individuals on a deeper level. It is through this deep connection that she is able to guide her students to a wonderful place of learning and sharing.


She is also a Yoruba Priest Yemoja/Oshun and Elegba as well as an Ifa devotee


“Art is for creating not destroying.”